Wednesday, September 29, 2010

u & me contest

Cute Mum buat contest lagi..
closing date is on 5/10/2010

me with my lalink~

picture taken during our early months of frenship..
but now, after 2 years we met, talk, love each other, u & me now are ticking time searching to our dream happily destiny..

with blessed by Allah, and green light from both family,
U & me insyaAllah will be together~

much2 love me to you <3

3 nota tapak kaki:

Anis izyan Abd Rahman said...

muke lebih kurang laa~

mama rifQy said...

Done! Gudluck yaa

Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

@anis: orang kata kalau muka ada iras, ada jodoh.. hehe ntah la..

@mama rifqy: tq mama~