Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Positive thinking

~A Good reminder for myself~

Sometime in daily life I tend to loose patient easily..
Like today, When I got lots of work to do, assistant pulak MC 2 hari, 
then continue lagi cuti 2 hari, nak kena outstation 4 site visit and briefing, 
non-stop incoming phone calls at office,
Ya Allah, memang serabut diri ini..

Then mula lah ckp phone pun nak emo, x dpt nak join lunch dgn opismate sbb nak
kejar deadline nak submit tender..

So I rest a bit, lean my back, release my mind, read this beautiful and colourful
sweet reminder, breath slowly, to recharge myself to be more positive !

Cakap kat diri sendiri, apa-apa kerja pun susah, sabar jelah dgn assistant-ku
yang jenis x makan saman nih !

p/s : I prefer to be an assistant to someone rather than to have assistant who can't help me

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