Friday, July 16, 2010

hectic week!

thanks God, today is Friday.. so i can have some space and rest until Sunday.. since Monday to yesterday, my life was so miserable.. well every semester, the first week kinda busy week for all student esp. new student.. but me, 3rd year student also not an exception! still struggle managing my time, add n drop subject, taking n keeping all my stuffs in new room, looking for books, notes, frens & all.. today is the last day for add n drop session, n im not sure to carry 19 or 16 credit hour this sem! my new room, its so cute.. with all orange furniture, sweet n kind roommates, living in 1st floor, very near to shop n cafe, well i guess it comfort me much =D for classes, the lectures seems very nice, and some of classmates are my frens.. so its not a boring class to me.. only for swimming skill, the class not yet started, maybe in two weeks later it begin but i already learn how to swim with my roommate.. =) hopefully in this semester, i can get along with studies, classes, frens, n my cyg without any hardships n difficulties. p/s: one of my advisor said, "u must settle everything in 1st week of new sem, so dat in 2nd week of classes, u are ready enough to fall in love in books, notes, n dating in library! hahaaa

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