Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Big Lovely brother

entry khas untuk yang tersayang..
i know u did not read my blog, even u know i have a blog..
but its okay,...
today, is your 24th birthday..
when i open my eyes for the 1st time, u are already there to greet me to this world and to accompany u all the single days coming..
that's show how much u love me even before i was born..
we've been together life and soul for 23 years..
i thank u from head to toe for the thought u give me,
your constant support, encouragement, love, care..
all these not come from ur mouth, but thru the act that u poses
i know..
and i feel so lucky to spent and sharing my 23 years with someone like u!

have a wonderful birthday..
and i'll pray that Allah will keep you in His loving care thru the coming year
bringing u many blessing and few tears..
i may not be by your side,
celebrating your special day with you..
but always remember that i think of you everyday night and day..

i couldn't find any words to describe my feeling towards u..
or if i can, maybe it is not enough to write here
so with this small space,
i wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY..
i love you from deep of my heart..
the only 'abang' that i have in my life..
may Allah grant u happiness, healthy and barakah in ur life~

5 nota tapak kaki:

Wan Gerrard said...

happy birthday too ^_^

PG said...


anamizu said...

wahh hepy bday ^^

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Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

Thanks to all for the comment.. =)

Mra Mastura said...

wah wah..sayang gilak kat abg kan..
aku je xpenah wat n3 utk abg aku. haha..

=) HB abg fatin!