Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cute Teddy Bears Giveaway!!!

anyone who love to get/collect teddy bears, this is the time for you to make an act. and im one of the people outsides that loved to have teddy-teddy as many as i can. so i wish to add one more teddy by joining this GA.. this time Cute Mum has organized one GA and the price/gift will be cutie teddy bears! emm excited lebih plak aku.. hehee =D so i tag to: amira zakiah misszaie yune's honeybee a.n. jell maisarah asmara just klik sticky post up there or cute Mum in green ^^, GA end at 13 August 2010 ~happy besday to Cute Mum~

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thanks for tagging! :)

aten said...

ur welcome honeybee~
well, the more the merrier..

Cute MuM said...

Tq join GA anjuran Cute Mum..

Gud Luck yer..

Cute Mum pon dah folow balik..

aten said...

welcome cute mum & thnx for following~