Monday, October 4, 2010

Romantic or not?

i got two big bouquet of flowers!
supriseee... im extremely happy.

 1st bouquet with all 10 fresh yellow roses.. siap dgn pasu lagi.. 
wangi and bunga rose semua besar2..

the 2nd bouquet ada 2 yellow roses, 2 white roses and 1 pink rose.
dis one bunganya belum kembang sgt..

thanx so much dear..
i dont know that u have romantic spot inside u..
and sorry again for ckp2 blkg before this..
it doesn't matter u romantik ke tak, i always pray that u'l b mine in the future.


p/s: pic above are not the flowers i got, bunga now dah start layu since he give me 3 days ago :p

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