Friday, December 10, 2010

My 4th year studies

i can't believe this! izit true? its been like yesterday my parent send me to PJ, register for new enroll student at UIA matriculation centre.. now i am in 4th year level of study.. taking Political Science as my 1st degree at IIUM Gombak, staying at college for the first time after SPM, been far away from home, family... everything is my FIRST experience.. everything is NEW for me..

me at UIA famous bridge

i can't believe i manage to face all these.. yes it is hard at first, catch by flu 1st week at PJ, with soar throat, high fever, culture shocked, my first ever home sickness and everything.. but it were those back days, years.. now everything seem easy and smooth..

next week i'm going to register for new semester, in 4th level.. and insyaAllah in Nov, i'l graduate as IIUM graduand with flying colors! ouh can't wait..! my 4th year study going to be my last year in UIA.. and it need lots of hardwork and require double triple % commitment in study.

will appreciate my every single day living in campus before graduating. and of course to have overnight again in library this coming new sem.. =D

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