Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tag by 3 blogger

once u have been tagged,u are supposed to write a note with 25 things,fact,habits or goal about the end choose 10 people to be tagged..u have to tagged people who tagged u..if i tag u  because i want to know more about u..
actually dah lama kena tag.. 1st by Fatin Hanani 2nd by Qaseh and latest by Pupel Liyana.. Fatin & Qaseh tag masa bulan 10 baru ni.. masa tu bz.. Pupel baru je tag.. then teringat dulu ada orang tag aten jgk.. hehe.. now dah tak bz, aten buat.. thanks to all yang tag aten..

here 25 random things about myself:

1- full name as stated in IC -- Wan Nur Fatin Binti Wan Mazlan..
2- people call me in different names -- Fatin, Aten, Athena, Tina, Wan, Wannur.. =) but i loved all that names except Tina.. that is not me.. :p

3- born at Kuala Terengganu, on April 7, 1988 but was grown up in KL until 1998..
4- 1999, moved to KT and stayed there until now..
5- im 2nd and eldest sister in siblings of 6.. -- Farid, Fatin (me), Farahin, Fathi, Farhah & Fetrah =D
6- complete my SPM in 2005 and currently cont study in degree..
7- 4th year IIUM undergraduate student -- majoring in Political Science
8- will be graduate next year in 2011.. InsyaAllah..
9- daddy's daughter
10- 3G with daddy almost everyday =)

 bring his name together with mine all the time

11- im an easy going person
12- hate mess, noise and unorganized people
13- can be perfectionist sometime
14- pretty, sweet & kind of jelita girl.. (uhukk.. sila angguk) :p
15- love makeup so much.. tapi malas nak makeup!

16- suka swim but not very confident
17- simple as i can -- jeans, tee, and scarf will be nice too~
18- kebaya is a MUST during hari raya
19- independent daughter, sister & woman
20- purple addicted

21- will be nice to people if they play nice to me
22- hate to bother others affair
23- always neat, tidy & clean
24- my frens said im a systematic person
25- and im very proud to be who I Am~

ok now tag to 25 person who you would like to know..
6: m Ra

err... 10 je lah..  sesiapa yg di tag tu, rajin2 lah buat yer.. mcm aten ni, gigih taip 25 perkara utk bg u olls tau pasal i.. =)


9 nota tapak kaki:

Mra Mastura said...

hehe XD

pinky ladies said...

nt shasha buat :) hek3 thnx aten .wink wink *

mis twit said...

saye da wat.. thanks tag.. :)

Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

@mra: =)

@pink ladies: nanti dah buat aten g jenguk k..

@mis twit: u'r welcome~

pinky ladies said...

jom singgah sat ! heheh

Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

ok aten check skrg =)

Miss dorayAki said...

laaa baru tahu aki kena tag upenye. hui2. sowi dear. marah aki tak? tq tau. aki dh dpat kenal aten ckit2.yeay!

sayasukamerapu said...

den dah tahu ekau punyo 25 perkaro. hahaha.
politik sains tu..
study bebaik. gud luck ya!

Fatin a.k.a. Aten said...

@cik oren: 25 jer, tak mcm kau break the rules sampai 31.. hahaa.. ok tq.. =)