Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where my 2kg gone?

Permulaan semester yang memenatkan otak! meeting everynight, class packed everyweek, 6 classes subject a day.. bunch of works, quizzes to be prepared, assignment outline to be submitted and all...! and my weekend is full of updating events program, calling here and there, going around to ensure everybody is doing their job..

yet, im not pressure at all.. just i lost my appetite to have 3 important meals per day.. feels like i dont want to eat anything.. skipped my breakfast, eat 1 small pack of bread/pau for lunch and sup at night.. thats what im eat last week.. 

because of that, i lost my precious 2kg weight.. and it makes me gone underweight again! i need 45kg to be in ideal weight.. and its not easy to gain even single kg to my body.. honestly i plan to go for hiking this weekend.. but with long to do list, i can't skip even 1 hour to do on my own.. 

all i need to do is keep breath, balance & calm..

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